5 Small Business Ideas for Would-Be Filipino Entrepreneurs

There are many small business ideas out there. You just have to choose one that truly fits your unique needs, skills, and passion. To kick start your search, here are 5 small business ideas in the Philippines that you can consider.

1. Start a backyard pig farm. Starting a piggy farm is a good idea to have extra income. If you want to earn bigger profits, find other uses for the meat, like offering lechon (roast pig).

If you plan to pursue this business, make sure to have a clean and well-ventilated pig pen, reliable caretakers (no relatives please), location (preferably in rural areas with no neighbors nearby), food, and vet care.

2. Sell products online. What’s great about an online shop is that you practically get rid of expensive overhead costs. Don’t have any capital? No worries. The most profitable product sold online doesn’t really need monetary capital. In today’s age, people are willing to pay big for exclusive and useful information.

3. Make money from lugaw (rice porridge). Sherwin and Beverly Aquino, owners of the Lugaw Queen, only had Php 1, 100 as capital when they started their “lugawan” business. But now, through hardwork and right cash handling, they’re earning Php50, 000 a day! Amazing, huh?

4. Earn big from calamansi (lemon). When I was surfing the net, I happened to stumble upon this big-profit small business idea. Get this. From a one hectare calamansi farm, you could already earn as much as Php300, 000, more or less, if you sell one bag of calamansi for Php500. Some even earn a million per harvest.

5. Junk shop. Well, there’s really money from another man’s trash. Just ask from successful junk shop owners. But in order to earn big bucks from this business, the most important thing you need to secure is a list of recyclers, who are basically going to be the buyers of the scraps and junks you collect.

Money investments tips: Remember, take baby steps. Always know what you’re getting into before investing your hard-earned cash. Ask around and attend seminars and workshops to get a good grasp of the business.

I hope these small business ideas helped. If you want to know more money investments tips, simply go to http://inchiklizbeth.trulyrichclub.com/


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